Anathem – Neal Stephenson

If you are a die hard fan of Science Fiction and have a brain for mathematics, this book is for you.Anathem is set in a monastery on a planet that we have never heard of before. At 935 pages, the author takes you on his minute detailed story, that is more over my head then what I thought. If the storyline did not drop off in between the detailed descriptions and the storyline, I think I would have enjoyed it more. The dips in and out made me feel as though I was on a slow moving roller coaster, the descriptions slowed the roller coaster right down, but the actual storyline, made the coaster speed up a bit.

Some parts of the book I had to re read to get my bearings back to the main storyline, I think if the author had a more fluid running novel, incorporating all of the intricate descriptions into it, it would have been a much easier read.

The characters intriguing, as was everything else, the math bits, and the way they go about things in the sects was interesting.

The CD that accompanied this ARC, was a nice add on, but certinally not something I would listen to on a daily basis. I had to turn it off after about a minute of listening to it.

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