Belong To Me – Marisa de los Santos

Belong To Me is the continuation of the book Love Walked In and the life of Cornelia Brown.

Cornelia is tired of city life, and wants to move to a suburb. Once her and Theo find a house in a idyllic small city, her neighbours are the nosey type, finding out everything they can and in a short amount of time. Throughout the book, the lives of the neighbours and the Brown’s are intertwined, in a way that you do not want to put the story down.

Cornelia befriends a single mom on her travels about town, who in the end finds her for a purpose. Very cunning that she does this, as she has a son, who takes a liking to Theo and Cornelia, who doesn’t know that they are related.

Over time, the neighbours eventually welcome the Brown’s into their fold, and they get to know the inside lives of these people, much like a modern day version of what is going on in our own lives as well. A terminal illness, divorce, heartache, sadness, and betrayal all end up in this 2nd part continuation.

I had read both Love Walked in and Belong To Me in quick succession. I was offered the ARC of Belong to Me, but felt it would be a waste of not being able to read the first one to get a backgrounder first. So, I purchased both books, and they will proudly be on my bookshelf for many years to come.

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Harper Collins


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