Breath – Tim Winton

I just finished breath, and immensely enjoyed it.

The connections between breathing, surfing, suffocating, and life had left a mark on my thoughts.

The first part of the book, it was exciting with the 2 boys taking dares from another as they are 15. Meeting up and befriending Sando and his wife Eva, as the storyline develops, Pikelet is left behind as Sando and Loonie go off surfing, which leaves Pikelet with Sando’s wife.

Although, they do not get along at first, they forge this kind of friendship / sexual liason. As things go further, Eva tells Pikelet more and more about her being a aerial skiier and how she was injured, her feelings and thoughts are as indeliable as the realtionship between the two. The wild sexual liasons with strangulation, fits of rage, and defeat. Tumultious to say the least, Pikelet is then thrown away as it seems once again as Sando returns without Loonie, and Eva is pregnant.

The storyline takes you as the reader far into the depths of human suffering, and mental anguish, and yearing for something more.

I loved the fact that it was all about when you fall down to take the time you need to recouperate and brush yourself off and get ready to start again.I did certinally agree with all of the facets of the book emotionally, as some events have crossed my path in a personal sense. The feelings, the sensing, and the fear, but not to let the fear to get you, to keep going and never give up.

The descriptions of the surfing parts made me feel as though I was right there watching on the beach, truly breathtaking.I believe that the theme came right out in the first part of the book laying the groundwork for the climax which was around the corner.

Great book, I will be on the lookout for more of his previous and new books in the future.


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