Bringing Home The Birkin, My Life In Hot Pursuit Of The World’s Most Coveted Handbag – Michael Tonello


9780061473333Have you ever owned a Birkin ? Do you know how to get one ? This work of fiction will surely tell you how to go about getting one of these very expensive and coveted handbags.


Michael was tired of his jet setting jaunts around the world as a makeup artist for movies and celebrities, and decides on a working trip to Barcelona, Spain, that this is where he wants to live.

After the move is complete, Michael is bored, has no visa and is low on cash. Going through his boxes, he comes across a Hermes scarf. And once he adds it on to Ebay, his life as he knows it takes a turn for the exotic, the weird, and the most hard to get handbags he can get his hands on. The world of Hermes, is one for the undaunted, the infallible, and the quick and smart witted people. As it is nearly impossible to get one of these handbags, Michael learns the how to’s from starting off with scarves, an befriending a few of his buyers on Ebay, and learning the in’s and outs of the Hermes empire. Then moving on to the unattainable – the handbags.

This story was not only funny, but outlandish as to what a person will do to get one of these bags. At times, I was laughing out loud at the antics that people would do for one of these handbags. I loved the part of the book when the Hermes was held hostage and a grand assault was placed on the people holding it hostage.

A quick, easy read, I won this book in a contest, which is autographed by the author himself. I would absolutely read more of this author’s books in the future. It ebbed and flowed, the destinations exotic to say the least, and funny all at the same time. A must read for those who need a quick pick me up, a little laugh, or a bit of a morale booster – Gives you the message of not to give up and follow your dreams.

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Harper Collins


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