Candy Everybody Wants – Josh Kilmer – Purcell

Candy Everybody Wants reminds me of some sort of television show you truly cannot believe what is happening because it is television, and nowadays, television channels have all sorts of programs available that include the ” I can’t believe this would EVER happen”moments. This book is one of those television moments, you laugh out loud thinking, has this really happen??? The storyline itself, will have you laughing out loud at the first page, as the storyline progresses its fast paced climax after climax, with people thinking around you : What are you reading that is so funny???

From the beginning to end of it, climax after climax. I wonder though, what made the author go from writing a memoir to writing fiction?

At the end of the book however, I felt it just did not come to a nice and smooth end, no easy let down to the end of the book, I wonder if it was written on purpose like that. One thing is for sure, I would enjoy reading more of his books. Easy read, to lighten or make you day a bit better.

It had me thinking what would happen to the characters in the future, wanting me to read more of these quirky, off the wall characters, that had me laughing so hard I was crying.

If Josh Kilmer – Purcell ever writes another work of fiction, I am most certainly there.


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