Love Walked In – Marisa de los Santos

Marisa de los Santos takes you into the everyday life woman, who lives in the city, and works in a cafe. One day, A man walks in and changes her life, he’s suave, he’s articulate, and has issues. Which he doesn’t let on to, until, his daughter is somewhat orphaned by her bi-polar mother and Cornelia takes her in under her wing.

Martin has no clue what to do with his daughter, except go on a full out search for her mother, and quick. Martin has no idea how to raise his daughter, and Cornelia faces the daunting task of it.

Along the way trying to find Claire’s mother, a person from Cornelia’s past comes to visit Theo. Although he is married to Cornelia’s sister who is away, the tension and electricity is undeniable, until the cat is let out of the bag – Theo is separated from his wife, and the feelings once had as a childhood best friend again take root, as does love.

An uplifting story of life, love, and all of the things in between. Marisa de los Santos has woven this book and the subsequent Belong to Me into a modern day look at life of one family.

Love Walked In


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