Shadow of Power – Steve Martini

9780061230882I would have to say one of his best books yet. He does keep getting better and better.The way the author intertwines all the facts, and characters is something of amazing. He gets you from the first page and you cannot put it down because you don’t want to miss anything in the story. I have to say the history aspect of the storyline was absolutely astounding how prominent figures of the 1800’s when America was in the midst of change and rebellion – the slave trade and subsequent conflicts.

It also made me think of the underground railroad that was formed and a lot of the slaves actually came here to Canada.I could imagine myself in an actual courtroom while all of the antics were going on in front of the courthouse, and around the facts that Scarbrough had said actually happened, when in fact they were just a elaborate fabrication.

One thing I was a bit confused about was the sudden disappearance of the Supreme court Judge, just went away and not heard from until the end of the book to actually find out what happened to him. I was curiously thinking about him as he was mentioned in throughout the book, wondering when he will appear, and what will he do.

All in all a really great book, I haven’t read one of his books in a long time, and after reading this latest one I am sure in the future to read more of his past and present work for sure.

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Harper Collins


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