It’s Monday…. Blah!

Well, started reading The Turning yesterday by Tim Winton. The short stories are wonderfully mastered so far, can’t wait until I can get to reading some more which should be later on today.

Weekend was uneventful, except for the part of my fridge going on the blink, and the landlord huffing another up the stairs that someone re-named – the suicide stairs, because they are. Did I mention in the pouring rain. Then the power went out when some thunder reared it’s head.

Getting more and more frustrated at not being able to find just about any job, more pissed off is more like it. So reading at a mad feverish pace is better to keep my mind off things, and don’t worry about it so much like I have been.

Thank God that school will be back soon. My son has gotten just about on my last nerve, but they are kids right??

Thinking I’ll make a blueberry buckle tonight for after dinner, I got some Haagen Dagz (think I spelt it right) half the fat ice cream – had a try one for free coupon and at 6 dollars for a 500ml container of it, it was a great deal for free and put it alongside the blueberry buckle I intended to make for the last 2 weeks…..


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