The Turning – Tim Winton

From a small town in Western Australia, comes short stories of anguish, longing, suffering, pain, and thought of “what if”. Tim Winton is masterful in his writing this collection of short stories as he is with his novels, had me not wanting to put this collection down even for a second.

The stories themselves are somewhat intertwined and connected. The deep and longing of the characters made goosebumps on my skin, and after finishing each of the short stories wanting to know what happens next with all of the characters.

Each story tells of human emotions, what they have gone through, that gives you thought about our own lives as they unravel in life over years and years of growing up in small towns like I have, and wondering what would have happened if things would have gone a different direction if things were done differently.

He makes you feel as if you are invisible, feeling the ocean as the characters are by or in the sea, feeling the breeze and the waves, or in the same room as the people, watching what they are experiencing… just like feeling the emotions of the people in the stories, love, loss, rejection, longing, acceptance.

For the most part, it gave me things to think about in my own life as they unfolded directly and indirectly. How to understand more, to feel, and to understand.

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