The Post Birthday World – Lionel Shriver

post-birthdayI finished this book in the wee hours of the morning, and all my thoughts went to Irina, who was going through 2 different lives at the same time. Which one would she choose, what one would I choose. As the end of the book came near, it was just as hard to make a decision as to what one.Irina has been common law married to Lawrence. Irina goes out to dinner with Ramsey for his birthday one year, since becoming divorced, and while her husband is away on business. In that one night, things change in her life forever. Does she kiss Ramsey, or does she shy away and continue her safe life with Lawrence…. As the story unfolds, both lives are experienced, at first, I have to admit I was a bit confused, but as the story went on, I was quite intrigued at how different and how alive the storyline became.

Lawrence is a “think tank” person, never does anything rash, thinks things through kind of guy. He never just does anything just because he can do it. Irina while with him, is a doting, make you dinner every night, monotonous kind of person that doesn’t say anything or mentions anything that is on her mind or what she is thinking. Irina is an illustrator for children’s books. In their ho hum life, Irina thinks everything is fine until, she senses something is wrong, and questions Lawrence about it, and the cat is out of the bag….

Ramsey is a celebrity – A renown snooker player that has it all. Cars, clothes, home, money, travels around the world, and just is exuberant, and doesn’t take life seriously. When Irina is with him, she comes out of her shell, and as volatile their relationship is, they lock horns frequently, make up just as hard, and live the good life… Until, Ramsey falls ill, and then Irina finds out some things….

My heart and my emotions went to Irina, wondering until the end what she would choose. In the end my question was the inexplicably – Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right ???

In the end I think I would have chosen the life with Ramsey… maybe when you read the book, you can see why …

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