After 8 hours of priming and painting…

I am so sore… My son’s room needed a much needed paint job, and felt rather ambitious yesterday… Took everything down on his walls, primed, and then painted all in a span of 8 or so hours.

Bad side to this all… My poor knee that has 4 surgeries already, anything from scopes to the last one being a doosey… I think it may need some more under the hood maintenance. I have had this feeling for a few months now, it hurts like the dickens when i go down and up stairs.. Since, i was bending and on my hands and knees yesterday for most if not all of the day It is so painful now even when i even attempt to move that, I haven’t felt this sort of pain since the last surgery. Oh, and I forgot to mention the burning… worst thing EVER.

On the bright side, my son’s room looks fabulous, and not as cluttered. All organized. I wonder how long it will stay that way… My son is ADHD, and only cleans his room when he wants something… But isn’t that the way with all kids ?? For the most part though, he’s a fabulous kid. After I had finished it last night, he says to me “Mom, Thank you so much, you don’t realize how much I appreciate you doing this for me”. Enough said…

Just have to get him a proper bed ensemble, (bed in a bag) I painted his room an antique grey. So, I was thinking either a nice red or blue comforter and bed skirt combination. No more of the NASCAR or Spider man comforters. He’s 10 after all, time to get rid of the kiddie stuff and get some nice adult – ish stuff. Oh, I forgot, he needs a nice lamp too. So that he will be able to do his homework at his desk or read in bed at night.

His room now is like night and day. Before, it was this baby blue. The colour change makes it feel way larger then it felt before.


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