Soccer is done for the season

Wow, how time flies. It was just a few months ago that we were starting the soccer season, and yesterday was the last day. Some kids can be quite mean and nasty. It makes me wonder what happens inside their own homes to make them do the things they do. From past experience, the kids do learn what their parents act and say. Even in my own home, this is true. Kids are sponges… LITERALLY!

My son was upset at one of the things one of his teammates were doing, and he can’t hide things like that very well, he gets a scowl and this mean look on his face. Then goes quiet, and short fused.

All in all, he had a great summer. Albeit, they only won 3 games (one by forfeit) but I think its a confidence builder in a way… they know how to loose gracefully, and not get upset about it.

He scored 4-5 goals this year, and was ecstatic when he did, as was I.. Who wouldn’t !!

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