Napolean’s Pyramids – William Dietrich

WOW is all I can say about this book. This is the book before The Rosetta Key, where everything starts off in a high flying, action by the seat of your pants thriller that this author has brought to the table.

Ethan Gage a savant and former protege of Benjamin Franklin finds himself in possession of a gold medallion after winning it in a card game in France. After he wins this medal his life is turned upside down – accused of murdering a well known prostitute, he flees in an adventure Indiana Jones style.

His journeys take him to befriend Napoleon Bonaparte and gain his trust so you would think, and set sail for Egypt.. Through the Mediterranean, they make a stop in Malta ( some may not know of this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, but I do..I married a Maltese man and have visited the glorious and yet quaint island in 2000). Had a brief scrimmage with the Knights of Malta and went away with oh so much treasure. The adventure doesn’t even get to get good there.

Once they reach Egypt, they soon discover at every turn they take they are up against just about everyone. All of the characters come out and play in this amazing novel of fact and fiction.

Definitely, if you haven’t read the Rosetta Key yet, I would wait and read this book first, as it gives much of the 2nd book a backgrounder and more understanding on the subjects of Egypt, The Premise of the Book of Thoth, and the characters themselves.

If you are a fan or addict of fiction, read both one after the other. They certainly will not let you down.

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