Bruno, Chief of Police – Martin Walker

What a great book! Very easy light read, not too complicated and easy style of the writer made it easy to read and understand while all of the pieces of the mystery of the small idyllic town emerge.

Bruno, Chief of Police is a small town cop. Living in a picturesque part of France, the most important thing to do first thing in the morning when he goes to work is to stop by the cafe, and get caught up on the small town’s gossip. This is the sort of town where everyone knows everybody, and their business. His most important caper … getting the regional inspectors not to rile the people who sell things in the market.

One day however, there is a murder of one of the long time residents… the scary thing is… He has a swastika carved into his chest.

As the mystery unfolds, there is loads of food talk – foie gras, wine, pomme frites, the list is endless ( I also recommend that you eat before reading, otherwise you will be hungry throughout this book).

Then as the investigation unfolds, he comes in contact with a regional officer that he has known for a long time, and his partner. With these two people and a lot of investigating, and uncovering a drug ring in the middle of all this, it seems as though this murder has been retaliation from a war long since past.

From food talk, the mystery, the history, and the story itself, set in this idyllic country setting of France, this book from the sounds of it is not just one book but to be made into a series. Easy read like I said, not to be missed.

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Bruno, Chief of Police


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