Bright Shiny Morning – James Frey

I am a bit divided on this book… I read his first 2 books A Million Little Pieces which was classed as a “memoir” and came out later on it was based on part real life and part embellishment oh his part, then reading My Friend Leonard, I was in total disgust, and thought here we go another wanna be recovering addict. In trying to decide whether to read this book or not, I had serious reservations after reading reviews by journalists, and others on this latest book.

So, here I am after reading his latest, and in all honesty he is a good writer, albeit, saying the f bomb at any opportunity he can. And then in the middle of the story lines all of this useless but some quite not so sure they are true facts about Los Angeles. The stories are well written, in which he was resembled to another famous author Norman Mailer.

I think in all honesty, if he had left out the bits of interesting and not so interesting facts about L.A. it would have been a better read, instead of being thrown off point. It was an easy read, I started it yesterday, and finished it 5 minutes ago literally.

To a person who has had drug addiction in their lives, at times it felt as though he was on a rant and being excessive at times … you know a dry drunk or whatever you wanted to call it.

I am not so sure that I will ever be able to read anything of his in the future without that black cloud of suspicion that clouded him after his first novel.

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One thought on “Bright Shiny Morning – James Frey

  1. I just want to clarify that his first book wasn’t a novel — it was a memoir, a slightly different form from the biography or autobiography. I know people will continue to be angry about the whole ‘lying’ issue, but memoirs are more like creative nonfiction sometimes, and I’m not saying he was right, I’m just saying that it wasn’t just his fault — editors would have encouraged him in certain ways, and I believe he did set out to publish “A Million Little Pieces” as a novel when someone suggested it would sell better as a memoir.

    Great review!

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