Fuzzy Navel – J. A. Konrath

Talk about non stop action!

In Joe Konrath’s novel, “Jack” is involved in a investigation of sniper from the looks and sounds of it are murdering sex offenders. At one location, however, he gets somewhat greedy and not only takes out the sex offender, but 10 officers as well that are covering the scene….

That isn’t the only thing happening in her life at the moment… From twists and turns, it is non stop action, fear, blood curdling moments with grizzly details.

Then Jack gets a call from her mother… weird because it doesn’t sound like her at all, and when she returns home she finds a VERY big surprise.

It is mayhem at it’s finest, if you are a fan of crime dramas, in book form or on television or in movies, this book is for you. Wildly thrilling, imaginative, scary, and as accurate, you feel as though you are watching it as it happens.

Very easy read, they way he writes and structures the chapters, he eloquently renders his action to the page like Da Vinci would render a painting.

I am now quite enthralled with this author and just can’t be just stoic to his next edition. A must read for sure.

JA Konrath’s Website


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