High Crimes – The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed — Michael Kodas

All I can say at this point is I am speechless…

In this book, Michael Kodas not only experiences his own personal reflections, but others as well in this tale of theft, possible murder, Mount Everest, and the life surrounding one of the world’s largest mountains.

When you think of Mt. Everest, you think or at least I do of Majestic large mountains, the peace and tranquility, and of course the long journey to the top of the summit, and being able to say that you have accomplished your goal. In this eye opening account, it seems to be more then just that. Trekking Operators, Sherpas, and the people that are hired are presumably only after one thing – money, and ow they want things done or think they should be done.

It is disheartening that people that would like to accomplish something as huge as this, and yet at the same time, people who are “promising” them the summit threaten, cajole, take away food and water to get one thing that matters most to them.

It has certainly opened my mind to the fact that no one is as honest as they say, you have to see that close up. I realize that Everest is a medallion that only a few can accomplish and have, it doesn’t mean that anyone else on the mountain at the time is less important then they are at the time.

Some of these people only care about what they want and not their clients want. Fights breaking out, prostitution, oxygen tanks, tents and food go missing, just so that who ever an important client is gets to make their dream come alive and true.

i realize from past articles I have read on this that Everest isn’t for faint of heart, and you must be a seasoned climber, and take the mountain on a set way of doing it. But why is it that the guides and sherpas that are in charge of these people and commit to showing them the right way of doing things just do not have the patience or the humanity of staying with their clients??

I think in all honesty, Everest is going to become a place where no one will want to go in the future, although, I could be wrong as well. There are some that very may well say that it will get worse before it gets better. The governments of China and Tibet should be looking into some how policing the sites before more and more people get robbed, killed,gouged by tour operators, and maimed any further.

I know that from now on, after reading this highly shocking and detailed account of this author’s account on a personal level the next time that I see a program on television about the mountain, I will be thinking about who is the operator, and have they done everything in their power to save the person or persons on the mountain that needs assistance. Before they succumb to their altitude sickness, or whatever they are suffering and in need of assistance.

I think that anyone who is thinking of attempting to climb everest, read this book before they start making arrangements.

High Crimes


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