Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen

I thought as I read this tale how idyllic…Jack is a 90 or 93 year old ( he can’t remember how old he is) living in an assisted living facility. One day, the circus comes to town. In the days before the circus coming to town, Jake relives his adventures as he worked in one when he left Vetrinary School at Cornell no less right before final exams, and his parents being killed in a horriffic car accident that leaves him penniless in the ’30’s as the depression looms.

As he recounts his adventures, he recalls his friends – Camel, Walter, Big Al, and August among a few as he is the circus’s vet for 3 months. Going from town to town entertaining people day by day and night by night… getting turned out of town on a few ocassions, the high jinks that happens gives you the sense of being right there under the big tent.

Sara Gruen had originally had another story she was writing when coming across some old cirus pictures and got intrgued more and more about the life that happened on the rails and in these towns, and the politics behind the scenes.

The way she wrote the book, going from present day to the past, gave me an overall sense of how he felt then and now. Being widowed, and his family unable to care for him in their own homes, he is sent to what is more commonly known as a nursing home and doesn’t like it from the start – from the nurses to the residents.

She writes in an easy style, where you don’t realize how far you have read until you actually look at the page number ( at least I did, and was shocked) It is a feel good story that will warm your heart and give you entertainment as you go along. I will definately read more of her books as they are released.

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