It Only Takes A Moment – Mary Jane Clark

only takes a moment

Mary Jane Clark is riveting with her newest thriller It Only Takes a Moment. Eliza is a famous television on air personality. And after the death of her husband, Eliza and Janie make their lives as easy as possible – hiring a housekeeper, Mrs. Garcia, and while Eliza is at work the housekeeper loves Janie just as much as her mother does.

One day as Janie is at day camp, some men come to their house and kidnap the housekeeper and make her take Janie out of camp early. Eliza comes home to find that neither of them are there, cannot figure out why they aren’t and decides to call the police.

On this tale of child abduction, it is hard to fathom my own family being taken away from me in this instance. I would be feeling the same feelings and going through the same motions as Eliza is, but on a much smaller scale, as I am not a celebrity, and not as very well known as she is.

If you are a fan of Mary Jane Clark, then this is her latest, and as this is the first I have read from this author, it was a quick and easy read. The chapters are smaller then I would have expected, maybe it was done on purpose. I don’t know at this point. I did enjoy this novel and if another one happens to cross my desk, I wouldn’t pass it up.

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