Bloody Mary – J. A. Konrath

In typical Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels style, she is at it again.

Bloody Mary is the 2nd book in this thrilling of books that this author has written. This is the 2nd I have had the opportunity to read, and it is as thrilling as the latest – Fuzzy Navel.

The writing is great, with slow bits to keep you on the edge of your seat as she goes into to one investigation, and it leads into another…. this time she’s investigating one of her own… that she has worked with in a grizzly tale of killing, who is involved, and the fight not to be killed.

I love these books, they are a quick easy read, and keep you entertained throughout. Sure, there are bits of her own personal life mixed in the fray, but it gives an great all around picture of what is happening and why. The characters are well placed, and at this juncture in her life having her mother move in with her, her ex husband, and her current boyfriend, among her partners present and past give to the sort of human person she is in her profession as a Detective and as a person in real life.

JA Konrath’s Website


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