Rusty Nail – J. A. Konrath

OK, I am now 100% hooked on this author…

I just read Rusty Nail, and as grizzly and vivid descriptions he makes in his books, there is even room for humour. Yes, you heard it right.. Humour. In the middle of a vividly descriptive part in the book, a joke is made.. you would think that any kind of humour in a vital part of the storyline would make you feel uneasy. Not the case. There were a few parts of the book where this happened, and I laughed out loud.

Not only can this author mix vivid details, and grizzly descriptions of the cases that Jack is in the middle of, he can also instill humour and personal feelings and reflections as well.

Well rounded book, easy read if you’re into this genre of fiction/thriller type of books.

Hopefully, the first book in this series is finally in, so I can read it! Can’t wait.

JA Konrath’s Website


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