OT – From One Book to 6 in a week on my desk…

Last week, I was mourning the fact that I had ONE (gasp) book on my desk left to read after missing one question on the September Fabulous Fall Fiction trivia to allow me to get a book to calm my inquisitive mind and at times quite persistant. Now it is Saturday, a full week later and I have a total of a whopping SIX and one more to review for First Look coming by courier.

I just picked up Goldengrove at Shoppers after dropping off a resume to the manager of the Post Office… On a lark, when I mailing things out on Wednesday, I asked her if they were hiring. One look at me from her and ans she said “When can you start??” and “Where is your resume??” I replied to her – My resume is at home and me quite shocked that she answered me as she did, she told me to drop by Saturday and drop one off…After I purchased Remembering the Bones.

Soooooooo, today I got ready, and walked to the drug store once again – to pick up sugar they had on sale for 99 cents (baking) and going through the store, I just went in and waited in line as she was helping a customer, introduced myself and gave her my resume. As she took a look at it, she needed 2 references, wrote them down for her. Her reply – I’ll let you know for sure on Monday. GASP!!

So, I’m currently reading Black Tower, and have The Takeover for 7 days on loan from the library, have Whiskey Sour from an inter library loan, Goldengrove and Remembering the Bones purchased, The Hour I first Believed pre-ordered, and the rest on hold from the library… Wait!! library just called and said The Secret is available to pick up too… That’s probably another 7 day loan… LOL Busy, busy girl here.

I’ll ready to make another cup of coffee and get back to reading… since there isn’t much if at all on TV tonight…


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