The Black Tower – Louis Bayard

I had started this book thinking historical fiction, action, intrigue, and a fast read. What I had found was a slow start to the book at first, then slowly, slowly getting to the main event of the purpose of the book – A lost member of the Royal Family.

Dr. Henry Carpentier, is a doctor. Given his schedule, he does everything by the book. Until one day he come across a beggar that is on his street day after day at his door asking for a bit of bread. What happens next, well is an imposter – Inspector Vicocq a famous thief at one time, now a police inspector looking for him. And Henry wonders why.

It is the early 18th century, when Bonaparte is dead, the resistance is gone to a new era. At a time where people are quite restless in the new age, and of times past, it gives the reader a great perspective of how life happened, how people went about with their lives, and the culture.

So when Vicodq and Carpentier get together, they are looking for a lost member of the royal family, which Carpentier has no idea what he is talking about… Soon they come to the realization that it isn’t Henry at all he was looking for but his father who died a year and a half ago to solve the mystery.

The investigation takes them all over Paris, and the countryside to look… and the precarious adventure goes from there… Like I had said previously, it goes slow, and near the end of the book everything falls into place. And then some…

All in all a good read, A lot of the historical facts are interesting and makes me want to actually go to Paris and look at all of the places that take place in the book, or try to relive the era in some way.

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