OT – And the Books just keep coming !!

Went to the library this afternoon, to drop off the black tower, and pick one up that was on hold… 3 hours later they call me to say I have 6 that are ready to pick up…

they are … Coventry, Home, Ritual, The Given Day, Goldengrove ( I just bought that one), annnnnd Bones of the Hills…

Any bets on how many I can read in a 7 day period ?? LOL

Let the reading commence……..hahahahaha


2 thoughts on “OT – And the Books just keep coming !!

  1. LOL….you and I are eerily alike when it comes to books! I have way too much fun ordering from my library’s online catalogue. Right now I have three books waiting for pick-up and one “in transit” (we have five different branches in our area that we can order books from because I live in a fairly small town). When the ladies at the front desk of my library see me they start looking for my books, LOL, and if my three boys aren’t with me they ask me where they are! Let me know what you thought of “Dreamig Again”. I did request it through first look but I don’t know if I got it yet.

  2. I jsut got it last week, and sent the email to Cory the 2 weeks before I think… Been a hectic day, worked the election, my feet are blistered, my voice is scratchy…yada, yada LOL The one book I got from an interlibrary loan ( it came from Brant Library) was whiskey sour, coz they didn’t have that one here. Just finished Home and I’ll post my review tomorrow, after I have some much needed sleep, and recouperation LOL

    i think I am at the library on a weekly basis now … LMAO but they all knew me from before using the pc’s there before I had one at home

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