Takeover – Lisa Black

9780061699665WOW is all I can say at this point. What an amazingly put together book. Lisa Black not only uses her background as a Crime Scene Investigator, but also uses the Tips the FBI use to negotiate. I was amazed at how smoothly she had taken the story from a simple murder to what it ends on. I wish I could write the way that she does or at least a smidgen of how she does it.

It all starts at the scene of a crime, not far from the murdered persons house, then all of a sudden goes from there to downtown of Cleveland. The Federal Reserve Bank. As time goes on however, things take shape and the two scenes are connected… Only thing is, they aren’t quite sure how they are connected. Theresa the CSI, rhythmically puts all of the pieces together in this suspenseful, cannot put down book.

I won’t say much about the plot, I will only give a bit of the story… it goes fast from there, trust me, it is a book you will not put down, or you will put it down and want to go back to it immediately. I loved it.

It is truly a must read, for anyone that is in the action thriller suspense kind of genre.

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