Coventry – Helen Humphreys

I have to admit when I started this book yesterday, I was taken away and near mid way through I got this unrelenting ache in my heart as the story progressed. Helen Humphrey knows how to write in a way that will tug at what you are feeling and make your heart yearn to the characters in the book. Mid way through, I had these feelings and utter connection with Harriet as her husband is sent off to war, and then learns shortly there after that he is gone, presumed dead, but unaccounted for.

I had to stick the book down for a bit, the feelings I was feeling at the time were something that I had felt before, and thought I had dealt with in a place far far away, but yet in hindsight, sometimes it does come back to kick you in the ass. And it most certainly did yesterday.

Poignant, Heart wrenching, Classic, what other words can I use about this book. A must read for sure, ooh I know another one – tear jerker. I was engrossed in it from the first page as I was at the end. The ending was simple, and somewhat left you in that place where it ended. I’m not so sure that I liked it, I will have to think about.

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