Whiskey Sour – J. A. Konrath

Whiskey Sour is the first and last book I have finally finished in this harrowing series of Lt. “Jack” Daniels Series.

As per usual, Jack is in the midst of a grizzly and gruesome murder, and yet again she is in the thick of things when things don’t exactly go her way. She looses her live in boyfriend, come in contact with her ex partner who is now a private investigator, and the FBI are doing their usual to screw things up in her mind. Among all of the gritty details, emotions, insomnia, and high flying action had me entrenched to this novel, as with the others in this series.

If you like the high drama and action of a CSI like show, then these books are for you.

I highly highly recommend this series or just even one to have you hooked like a drug… Like I have been since I learned about these fabulous books.

Keep them coming J.A. Konrath !! You have a flair for the gritty, most gruesome novels I have ever read, I can’t wait until your next one!

JA Knorath’s Website


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