The Sealed Letter – Emma Donoghue

The sealed letter is one of a time long gone in England in the 1800’s where 2 friends meet their acquaintances once again after a 7 year silence between the two of them. Fido runs into her once friend just down the street near her press, where she is working as editor.

As time goes on, Fido’s friend who likes to use people to her advantage…Once her husband has found out her infidelity’s, he sets out on a grim and very public divorce from her. With all of the trials and tribulations of a trial set in full court, and then later on in the papers. In old England, at the time it stated that only 2 divorces were granted a year, then after the law changed, it was more then 100.

As in my own life, when I was going through a rather nasty settlement, it occurred to me reading this book, that much hasn’t changed. For instance, the parties trying to out maneuver the other to gain the win. You would think that in that time, with propriety, manners and a certain way, things wouldn’t have gone on like this, but civilly. I guess times do not change too much in that regard.

It was a good read, from a Canadian author. It was easier to follow then say Jane Austen, but that was a different time period all together.

It was also interesting to see how the law has changed as well, eventually giving way for women to be able to go to university, to vote, and to ultimately have a voice about political situations, things happening in the world, and just a general consensus about everything.

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