OT – New glasses on order…

Last weekend, while my son and I were having a quiet bike ride through the gorgeous colours of fall, I hit a bump in the trail and my glasses flew off my head out in front of me and I ran over them….THEN… my son ran over them and said “Mom, did I just run over your glasses?” Yes, you did…. So, after going to survey the damage, and total write off… you guessed it…. time to get new glasses.

I don’t mind wearing them, and I do have contacts as well, it is just easier for me to put on my glasses then get all my supplies needed for contacts, take them out of the case, inspect them, clean and rinse, and then insert. Then wait a few minutes while they get turned properly to the point where I can at least see my hand in front of my face… ( yes, I know you are probably chuckling at the sight of me doing all of this)

Sooooooo anyway, I hopped on my bike to go to the mall to look for new frames (which I hate doing) …Last time it took me 3 hours to select the frames I had that are now destroyed….Because, I am really particular about how they look and what not… Yes, I am picky!

After I get there, I’m met by the manager who tells me the In’s and outs since the last time I was there, what I am able to afford and so forth. Then I am aimlessly walking around the store looking at frames, trying on some that look absolutely hideous, too big, too small, you know how it goes if you wear glasses.

So, I finally find a nice pair of Ray Bans, a soft metallic brown colour rimless at the bottom of the frames, and dainty. So, hopefully, in the next 2 weeks I will have my new glasses, unless they screw up my prescription like they did last time… bifocals in both lenses instead of only one lens.

That really screwed up my whole week the last time… pounding headache for 2 days wearing brand new glasses that were supposedly made to order according to what I needed yada yada, until I placed them on my face for no more then 5 minutes. HA! Suffice to say I wasn’t all that impressed…

As with the old glasses, and other factors going on right now, I’m going to return a few books to the library that I cannot possibly read in time for them to be returned. I have 4 I had purchased that are sitting on my desk looking at me and saying “I want you to read me”. And me feeling guilty looking at them, I don’t have the time to devote to them as should be spent with mind blowing, GREAT books.

One good thing happening tomorrow.. My bookcase is finally arriving tomorrow some time. Then I will be able to showcase the ARC’s I have received and purchased, along with the old one I have always had, and kept through moving across Canada and back again. Oh, that reminds me, I lent out my copy of Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much is True, and have been meaning to get it back from my friend like 2 years ago…wonder if she still has it ??

So, If I am lucky enough to have a few dollars left over from buying presents for Christmas, ( It’s 62 days away!!) I may be inclined to get the ones that I haven’t had the chance to.

That, and friends that have needed me in their times of stress and what is going on in their lives.. You both know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I love you both. Hopefully, the one that is coming over to pick up the lasagna I made for her and her family enjoys it as much as I had making it for them.


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