OT – Instead of reading I have been doing …….

Knitting! Yes, I do have other interests then reading at a breakneck pace thanks to Deanna at Harper Collins haha You know I love reading… you have the picture.

A teacher at my son’s school just recently had a bouncing baby boy to add to the school family, and me as nice as I am knitted her along with a few other gifts, a pair of baby booties and bonnet to keep the little head nice and snugly warm.

It has been nice to take a break from reading. Although, I am missing it. I really needed to take a break, I just wasn’t feeling the feelings when I start a book all excited about starting the first page and then learning about all of the characters and their stories. But, now as things start to wind down with people I know and getting back to normal, I am getting the itch so to speak to read again. So much, that I ordered a few books I’ll be returning to the library this week because I cannot possibly read them before they are due back. And with a few that are already on hold for other it wouldn’t be fair to me If i kept them any longer ( and pay late fee fines) when they are excited to be getting the book after I am done with it.

So, here is the picture of the baby bonnet and booties… my son actually asked me tonight when I was stitching them all together if I could make him a pair … ( He’s 10) funny guy…


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