Fabulous Fall Fiction What I have Read So Far

Well, I’m back to reading … after the glasses disaster, and the break I needed away from reading for a bit… It lasted about a week. The books on my new bookcase were making me feel guilty letting them lie there sad and not being read as they should be. Do I sound like just a bit of a nut yet ???

This is as far as I have reached in the challenge so far…

The Sealed Letter – Emma Donoghue

Home – Marilynne Robinson

Ritual – Mo Hayder

Anathem – Neal Stephenson

I have The Hour I first believed and The Given Day on order ..hopefully they will arrive soon, although, Wally Lamb’s book isn’t due until after the 11th of November.

I have Goldengrove on my bookcase waiting ever so patiently to be next in queue..along with some other books I have been wanting to read that I have purchased – Passchendaele, Remembering the Bones, and Dreaming Again, as well one or two more coming in the mail.

** Edit** I have read Goldengrove so that makes my total to 5 books read for the reading challenge and #6 is being read now – The Given Day by Dennis Lehane (edited November 21,2008)


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall Fiction What I have Read So Far

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy! Sometimes my books look at me reproachfully when they’ve been waiting too long to be read, LOL. Awesome reading so far for the Fall Fiction Challenge! I have two read, and many more on hold at the library, but I may have to wait a while to get those 🙂

  2. I returned three, because I couldn’t possibly read them all before they were due, and there was a few holds on some, so, i ordered 3 The Flying Troutmans, The Given Day and The Hour I First Believed… I have a online account with Chapters as well and I may get a few I have really wanting to read for a while now..LOL

  3. Wow, you’ve read all those books from the Fall Challenge? Of all the books you mention here I’ve only read Remembering the Bones (and I SO LOVED IT!! Seriously, it was great).

  4. I have started on Goldengrove as well.. so I should be finished in the next few days.. and then onto The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. the Wally Lamb STILL isnt here and im getting antsy LOL I sooooo want to read it

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