Ritual – Mo Hayder

I was quite enthralled when reading this book. I could NOT put it down once I started it.

Flea, is a diver on the police force. One day while investigating a case, they come across a hand…just one and that’s all they find. As the investigation continues however, they find something more then what they bargained for. Rituals, Beliefs, Drugs, and most of all fear of the unknown – things that have happened in the past that affect their present day lives that eventually bring what they are investigating bring everything into focus, and questions are answered. And the story has it’s ending.

I found the book to lay heavy on the peoples backgrounds at first, but as the dialogue went on it entirely made sense. It was interesting to see how other people’s customs and beliefs are different and sometimes way out of the western world conscience happen. Sometimes, we are a bit blind to the fact that things happen in other cultures we rarely hear or even begin to contemplate. What is normal for us certainly not is normal for them. Culture is a weird and complex thing at times.

When reading this book, I was waiting ever so patiently, as events unfolded. It was SO hard, reading page to page, going from character to character wondering what was going to happen next. And then as I thought I knew who the bad guy was – I was wrong. As it twisted and turned the pages and the storyline, It was someone I would have never guessed, but thinking back to when the character was introduced it was entirely possible.

Mo Hayder in my opinion is a great writer, I will most definitely be reading the next in the Walking Man Series to see lies ahead.

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