Dreaming Again – Jack Dann (Editor)

Wow, what a blend of imaginary and weird. Some of the stories were just a bit dull in my opinion, but some were laugh out loud funny, and some wanted me to want to read more, and find out more in the story. It is amazing that these authors can get a premise for a story, and totally turn it around into something totally different, and sometimes make it more interesting then what it actually was.

My favorites were in no particular order – Old Friends, This is My Blood, Neverland Blues (laugh out loud funny and quite real), Lure, Manannan’s Children, The Last Great House of Isla Tortuga, and Perchance to Dream.

I wasn’t sure as to what I would find inside the book when asking for it to review. This book is labelled as Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction. I had read Anathem and wasn’t a fan. This book however, gives you a bit of everything in speculative fiction by some great Australian writers. I will be sure to be on the lookout for some of their more longer stories in the library or in a bookstore.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming Again – Jack Dann (Editor)

  1. Hi Marci! Thanks so much for the offer, but I did end up receiving this from Harper-Collins, so I’ve had the chance to read it. I agreed with your review wholeheartedly- some stories I skipped completely, because I just couldn’t get into them, but some I really enjoyed. I can’t remember the name of the story, but I really liked the version of Hansel is Gretel. Kind of creepy!

  2. I loved that one too. The one that was laugh out loud funny was the Michael Jackson one… All too true if you ask me, strange but a bit poetic in a sense. I had visions of him in his spaceship or bubble. My son kept asking me what was so funny LOL

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