OT – Thoughts…

I am presently knitting and needed a break to give my hands a short break (I am nearly finished) and mindlessly wandered around some blogs other then those posted on my blog. What I have found … wasn’t all the interesting to me.

For me, reading is about getting a book opening it up and taking a journey or a break from the everyday world. To some of the bogs I visited, it seems to be more of a commercial investment or a job instead of just doing it because it’s enjoyable to do to learn about new places, ideas, and people. (Please do not take this as me being judgemental in any way).

When I was younger, I used to love to go to the library and look around all of the stacks of books for hours (yes, I said HOURS) on end, and choose 2 or 3 and go on my merry way home to open up and delve into what was either a great book or one that passed the time.

Now that I am older, (and hopefully wiser), I tend to choose books that I can learn a bit from – History, Places, People, basically everything or that peaks my interest. Sure, I am picky when to comes to certain things, but shouldn’t what you read be a choice as well? When I look at descriptions of books, I think to myself Would I be interested in this? Would it peak my interest? Have I read this genre before? Would I be willing to give it a try and keep an open mind about?

Some blogs I find are just TOO busy with contests, giveaways, and advertisements. It is just a mess of useless information, and most likely, the inside covers of the books descriptions, when you could just type what you felt and liked or disliked with a general description of what the book was about. What is the saying… Keep it Short and Simple S*****?

To be totally honest, I get enough of that when I open a paper, television, or even online.

I realize our lives have become somewhat attached to being online, and have to be connected 24/7, and be able to be “accessible” at all times, but enough is enough.

I just hope that my comments on books are appreciated and hope that it gives the person reading it an opportunity to be able to take a quick peek inside my thoughts and feelings as I read the book. That is what I am aiming for, no more no less. Maybe it will get them to read the book, maybe it won’t.

To my followers – THANK YOU !! and to new readers WELCOME !!

My rant is now over… resume your normal activity this has been a public service announcement

PPS I have my new glasses too…. Thank God I can see the way God intended !!


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