Friend or Frenemy – A Guide to the Friends You Need & The Ones You Don’t – Andrea Lavinthal & Jessica Rozler

At first, I was curious about this book thinking it would maybe demystify some parts of a relationships I wasn’t aware of. A few yes, but for the most part I already knew most of the scenarios they talk about in this book. A few gave me some insight on a few new ones.

Being in the year 2008, there are all kinds of mediums that you can stay connected to – Internet, Crack berries, IM, Facebook and MySpace. In this book, they talk about these tools and situations, and some face to face situations that come up in the big bad world with some funny humour to make it go down a bit easier.

All in all I think that if A) you’ve been hiding since birth, and B) You have never had any friends, this book will definitely help you in your quest for friends and relationships.

I think it would be a good book for teenagers and pre teens that are having troubles in relationships, and que’s on how to patch them up or to stay away from certain people. As for adults, (don’t get me wrong) we have all been through some if not most of the situations that they discuss in the book in one way or another, and if you haven’t then where have you been hiding ???

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