We Interrupt This Broadcast “10th Anniversary Edition” – Joe Garner

When I had originally claimed this book, I wasn’t sure what it would entail. But I would say it is a comprehensive account of the news stories that helped shape history all around the world, and how the world now works.

The book which is 208 pages, comes with 3 audio Cd’s which also go alongside the book. Chapter by Chapter you can listen to the actual news broadcasts as you are viewing the book. Bill Curtis narrates the Cd’s.

When I opened the book, I was amazed at the depth of the stories, and pictures that accompany them. Although, I have an advanced readers copy, I am not sure as to the pictures in the book are colour, or if they are in black and white which is included in my advanced copy.

Such stories that are included are: Hiroshima, 9/11, Princess Diana’s Death, Columbine, Nixon’s Resigns from his Presidency, JFK death, John F. Kennedy’s Death, Apollo 13, just to mention a few. The stories are also tabbed in the top left handed pages of the book so that you can go along with the stories and the CD simultaneously. It is in a chronological form, so that you start at 1937 when the Hindenburg Explodes and Crashes to April 2007 with the Virginia Tech Shootings.

This would be a sure hit for the person that is a history buff, I am sure that when someone sees it laying on my table, that they will be intrigued to see what is inside.


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2 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Broadcast “10th Anniversary Edition” – Joe Garner

  1. I saw this book on minibookexpo.com and was thinking about trying to claim it but I was too late. It sounds fascinating, though, all of those historic and life-changing events in one book. Thanks for letting us know how you enjoyed it!

  2. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool book. You have to be really quick when claiming books I think on the mini book expo to actually get the ones you want. The cd’s are great, you can follow along listening and looking at the book at the same time.

    Too bad though that the ARC doesn’t have the colour pics only the black and white but something is better then nothing.

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