Goldengrove – Francine Prose

I am utterly speechless…and weeping..

Goldengrove is lyrical like poetry, spellbinding, keeps you in the story even when you need to put it down and deal with real life.

This is the story of a family who loses a daughter, and afterwards, the most painful feeling you could ever feel. I know this in a personal sense, when I was 11 my brother who was 21 was killed in a car accident, then 2 years later my mother dies of a heart attack. You have the blurry glaze about you, you do and say things that you wouldn’t normally do, it rocks you to the core..Leaving you with the feeling of what is this, and did I deserve it.

Nico is the daughter who is left grieving since being so close to her sister, going through the stages of what she thinks she is helping her dead sister’s boyfriend and herself get or at least try to get through their grief.

The Grief that one feels as a family however close or not is something that you cannot describe in words I feel. You are feeling so many things at once, and cannot stop them from happening. You act differently, do things that you wouldn’t normally do. In this instance, it all happens and then some.

While I was about halfway through, something tugged at me in the book –

“But actually,” he said, “the strangest part is that she was alive and now she isn’t. That’s the thing I can’t get past. I can’t get my head around it. The absence. How someone can be here one minute, and the next they are gone. You tell them everything in your life and then they…can’t be reached. Unlisted number forever. I keep thinking that this little…episode, this little trick will end, and she’ll be back again, and it will have been some cruel joke.”

When I finished it tonight, while weeping, I hugged it and thought how can Francine get into the heart and soul of people grieving and knowing exactly how someone feels when they are going through it, or if she has felt grief on this magnitude in the past to be able to effectively portray it in life shattering wide open eyes. If you haven’t felt grief before you certainly will in this novel.



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