OT – Randomness

I am just now taking a break from making my famous Cinnamon Buns. 2 Batches….

Yes, my one friend told me today I was crazy for doing it, because of all the work involved – making the dough, kneading it by hand, and so forth. But, I told her it’s been ages since I have made them, and it’s a nice treat once in a while…. 22 grams of fat PER bun. I’ll leave it at that. I think we all have to take a break from everything once in a while, otherwise (at least I think) that things become monotonous and dull.

As, I am waiting for the dough to rise so that I can roll out the dough, and put the filling in, and into the pan overnight to raise one last time before I stick them in the oven first thing in the morning.

This afternoon I finally got my Wally Lamb book. I ripped it out of the packaging like a little kid and hugged it in front of my mail lady that delivers parcels LOL (She must think I’m crazy now) but she’s nice and we talked about the weather – she wanted to know if it was going to snow more, I believe it is going to rain and snow tomorrow. Thank God I don’t have to go and do anything tomorrow.

I have also been talking to a friend I haven’t talked to in ages. It’s funny that at one time you had some things in common, and a few years later it seems as though you don’t anymore, or things have changed so to speak. Anyways, I got invited out for drinks…We’ll see what happens.

I had to go out and buy my son a brand new winter coat. I bought him one last year, and this year the zipper went bust, got it fixed and a week later it was really broken. So, I ended getting him one that was partially one that resembled a military theme (he wants to enter the military ) So, when he got home from school, he seen it immediately and thanked me, and said he loved it.

The old one is presently sitting beside the door to outside. Ready for garbage day…I hate throwing things out like that except I could get a new zipper installed but it would cost $40. I nearly had a small stroke when the lady told me that.

Saving up for a really big present for my son… a Xbox 360…I’m getting small stuff on the way to that as well. Stocking suffers, and the like….then a few gifts for his close friends.. and that’s it.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday !


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