Remembering the Bones – Francis Itani

Have you ever wondered if you were in an accident, conscious, and waiting ever so patiently for help to arrive what you would think about? Past things that have happened, births, deaths, family members, weddings, funerals.? Or would it be something like have I forgotten to turn the coffee machine off ?

Georgie, is in her 80’s and off to London, England to have a meeting with the Queen, along with 99 other people. It just so happens that Georgie was also born on the same day as the Queen, when she is driving to the airport by herself to get on a plane, and unexpectedly, runs off the road into a ravine not far from her home. As she is waiting for help to arrive, she is trying to stay calm and starts to remember her Grandfather’s Gray’s Anatomy book from 1901. As a child, she was attracted to this book, and as a way to stay alert and awake she starts to “Remember the Bones”.
I was drawn in to this book with such ease and acknowledgement that I read the whole thing in one day. After the first few chapters I was just pining to have her rescued so badly, it was like I was standing on the top of the ravine above her, wanting to help, but not sure to how I would accomplish the task or what I should use to rescue her with.

Francis Itani has a way of getting you into the story so much that you do not realize that you’re there alongside them until you put it down. Poignant, heartbreaking, laughter and grief will have you laughing or weeping alongside the characters as they feel what they are feeling and experiencing in this proseful tale of survival, love, and hard times.

I would definitely recommend this book.


2 thoughts on “Remembering the Bones – Francis Itani

  1. I did as well…too much! About halfway through I ached at the thought of wanting her being rescued, and kept reading to see if she was or not.

    Kept you guessing for sure!

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