OT – Is It Christmas Yet ??

Well, now that I have a few minutes breather in between running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and baking an enormous amount of baked goods.. ( the kids in my son’s class is getting to decorate gingerbread with me tomorrow) Gingerbread, Oatmeal Chocolate Cranberry Chunk Cookies, and 6 Layer bars, I say I’m about done.

Wait… I think I realized I was done yesterday running around looking for couplings for piping bags for the icing I made for my son’s class. The lady in one store says to me ” Well, there is a place in Mississauga that sells everything” But who in their RIGHT MIND would drive 2 hours to Mississauga to get 3 couplings that cost a dollar a piece and then drive the 2 hours back. I may want the couplings, but NOT that bad. Then went onto discuss what I am going to do – making piping icing, and icing paint (with different colours). To which this reply was classic ” Are you just a Mom, or do you do this professionally?”….. Um, I am just a Mom that likes to do and share things at Christmas time…Do I really need to have a profession or a calling in life to be able to do something?

Anyways, After I chuckled while leaving the store without the couplings, I walked home in the wind and spattering of rain, and made yet another double batch of gingerbread. This morning I made the 6 layer bars, and the oatmeal chocolate cranberry cookies…. So, my house is smelling like a cookie factory. So tomorrow is the cookie decorating extravaganza, and Thursday morning is the Council Christmas breakfast….Which I thought I had quit last year…wait then I volunteered for the Christmas Gift Shop, and got sucked back into the vortex they call women lol

Back to baking!!


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