The Almost Moon – Alice Sebold

I really must admit, I was trying ever so hard to finish this book…But I chucked it halfway through. I feel a bit guilty, but just could not spend anymore time on such a disarray of thoughts on a storyline.
All jumbled into a 24 hour period, Helen is a mess. After all, she’s just killed her elderly mother who has advancing Alzheimer’s. Rather then call the police, she sets off on a tangent of highly unpredictable events in the 24 hours that make you think OH MY GOD!
From what I have heard of this author it was promising, but this was a flat out disappointment. You know when you hear something about the author and it is all positive, and people rave about books unfortunately, this wasn’t one of those kind of books.
My son asked me a question about the book since his teacher had lent it to me before the Christmas holidays..”Mom, what do I say if she asks if you liked it??” Um, I’ll write her a note to let her know OK.

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