The Flying Troutmans – Miriam Toews

What a hilarious ride!
Hattie has just been dumped by her boyfriend in Paris. As it happens, her older sister Min who has a long history of mental illness is gravely ill once again in hospital. Hattie comes back to Manitoba to take care of Min’s 2 children 15 yr old Logan and 11 year old Thebes.
Not knowing what to do and overwhelmed – Logan is just doing his own thing and being suspended from school, and Thebes well, Thebes is Thebes, eclectic, purple hair, and that isn’t only it. Hattie is at her wits end and doesn’t know what to do. The only thing she can do at the present time is to try and find their father. So they all load up in the Ford Aerostar and set off to find their father.
On this cross country trip, armed with craft supplies and Logan carving into the dashboard they set off on this hair brained adventure…What they find at the end of it is understanding and dealing with the past.
This book was not only hilarious but gut wrenching as well. I found myself laughing out loud at the situations as the story went on. Clever, thought provoking, and scary not knowing what they will find at the end of the trip or how it will end at all.
It was a quick, easy read, that i found enlightening and serious at times. I loved this book, as was sad at the end wanting to know what happened after the road trip.

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