A Promise of Hope (audiobook) – Autumn Stringham

What a emotional ride of ups and downs.

Autumn Stringham is a young child that is in the middle of an emotional and personal roller coaster. Her Mother, once kind and caring is now ugly and tired, sleeping all of the time, different personalities, and rage. On the side of the coin, she is giddy, dancing around the house.
Sound familiar to some?? This is the face of Bi Polar illness.
Autumn can remember as far back as age 6 having a second voice inside her head, that lead her to good decisions, and other voices that entered her body while in the throes of her manic and depression filled suicidal days telling her the exact opposite. She has never held down a job, had a long relationship, and by the age of 21 she has been hospitalized for suicidal thoughts.
She gets married young and has her first child, and goes through the same cycle that her mother did as she was bi polar as well.
This story of illness, hope and subsequently health came at a large heavy price. After Autumn’s mother commits suicide, her father and a friend from church come up with an idea for a natural almost unheard of cure for severe bi polar and depression, without the use of the psychotropic drugs that are now used in mainstay medical community now.
The drugs used in mainstream medicine cause so many side effects and this is the reason why most clients that are bi polar go off the medication, and return to their phases of “cycling” through mania and severe depression. Often not knowing what they are doing or don’t care.
This is a heart wrenching story of sickness and the struggle to regain some or all of their lives back, and the victories that are happening, some that are unheard of and many don’t believe at first.

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