Just After Sunset – Stephen King

Just After Sunset is Stephen King’s latest addition to the already enormous release list he’s accomplished in his literary career.

This is the collector’s edition which came with a DVD of one of the stories “N” in the book, which is a blend of comic books imagery and movie making, from what they had said in the behind the scenes part of the DVD a new genre of movie / comic / story making.

A Collection of 13 stories, some which have been published previously in magazines such as Playboy, The New Yorker, just to mention a few had my mind bended and twisted around the corner waiting, watching, and wondering what was going to happen, or in some cases not happen in this author’s masterful pace and ability to make you (at least in my case) slightly scared knowing in a sense wanting to know what happens, and a bit scared to find out at the same time.

My favorites in this collection – The Gingerbread Girl, Rest Stop, Stationary Bike, Mute, Ayana, and A Very Tight Place. Not that they weren’t ALL good, these were just the ones I thought “Wow, I really like this one”. One thing that I do have to add, in the first few stories, there was this theme or colour of red streaming through them – either the sunset or rise, the colour of clothing, etc. It struck me as I read through the pages of the stories and thought it was different.

Stephen King I have to admit, is a master of his genre, even after all those books and movies that have been made throughout his career. Some good, some not so good. I can remember being a teenager and reading “Pet Semetary” and then after the movie was made and watched it and was just devastated at how messed up and mangled they managed to make out of the story. Some book to movie adaptations do that I am afraid, make it or just do in some awful way.

So, thank you to Michelle @ Simon and Shuster for sending me this book. I look forward to reading more Stephen King in the future, since it’s been such a long time since I have.


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