Books or Movie Adaptations ??

I had the privilege of receiving the book – The Diving Bell and The Butterfly from my wonderful friend Deanna @ Harper Collins Canada. She is a wonderful person and sent me this wonderful book and I came across the movie adaptation…I won’t tell you where, but I am glad to have had the opportunity of watching the movie after I read the book.

Now, my question is, do you all prefer the book or the movie adaptations of the actual books?? Don’t get me wrong, they are in this case great. Lately, I have noticed that there are an actual large amount of books that have been adapted to become movies – Slumdog Millionaire, Frost / Nixon, Revolutionary Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button just to mention a few.

Does it depend on the actors in it ? What parts of the adaptation that are taken from the actual book? Anything else that comes to mind I want to know. Some adaptations are just way off the mark, in terms of the content. I won’t go any further to skew your though pattern, I just thought it would be interesting to see any differences or attitudes that are happening.

I will need a day or two to think about my review and what I want to say about it. Don’t fret, I will be back posting my review as soon as I get my thoughts straight, and have the light on where I am typing. ( I am presently typing in the dark on my laptop and only have the light from the monitor).


4 thoughts on “Books or Movie Adaptations ??

  1. It depends on the book as to whether or not you want to see the movie.
    The majority of the time the book is better than the movie.

    Yes actors do come into it .. I think lol.

    You wanted my comment you got it sweety 😉

  2. It really depends on the story. Sometimes I’ve liked the book better, sometimes the movie. Though I will say that I tend to read more obscure books, so most of them have not been made into movies. I’ll take a “for instance”–Fight Club was a better movie than book.

  3. I think in my life I’ve seen two movie adaptations that were actually better than the book — Bridget Jones and Bridget Jones 2 (although 2 was BAD in both cases). For the most part, I always like the book better. But sometimes there’s an epic of scale that a movie just grabs hold of…even if I prefer to have my imagination do the work…

  4. I agree with everyone’s opinions. There are a few that I can think of now – Pet Semetary, and The Da Vinci Code that failed in my mind in epic proportions in terms of the actual book and what appeared on the big screen.

    I really think that there needs to be a competent writer when it comes to the screenplays to be honest, that doesn’t just cut and hack at the original story mindlessly

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