Freud: Inventor Of The Modern Mind – Peter D. Kramer

Freud for the most part was a fascinating and stubborn person, who you either loved or hated.

As the book states, he is one of the more famous and outlandish theorizers of the modern age. His theories both ostracized and shocked the new realm that was to become “Psychiatry” as it is known now.

I have background in studying Freud from a few of my psychology and philosophy classes when I was in nursing school, and I have to admit in those texts I recall that he was said to be a pioneer of psychoanalysis. Which rightly so he is as well as the theory of the id, ego and the superego.

In this account, the author also accounts for his wild and outrageous theories (which there were many) of Cocaine being therapeutic (which he also used and tested before he wrote his theories), people that have psychological disturbances are all derived from sexual experiences. Which were all widely discounted.

Freud himself had a psychological symptoms as well. He pioneered “Talk Therapy” and while he changed patient records, and manipulated outcomes, he still is as famous, and controversial as ever. Further theories since, have suggested that further research that he gave clues to what therapy is what it is today.

The book opened my eyes to what happened based on his letters and journals, and personal accounts that have been researched, which gave me a fuller view of Dr. Freud instead of just reading about him in textbooks. and just getting a generalization. It is a well drawn out biography as to how and why he thought that he did and the no nonsense approach he had regarding psychotherapy and what effect it would have in the future.

It was a interesting book, I really did have a hard time putting it down for any amount of time.

This book was a biography, and if you do not have a background in psychology or the terms that they use, you will certainly have a lesson in this book for sure.

This is the first book I have read for The Warm Up To Winter Reading Challenge

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