I NEED Your Help!

While I was at my son’s school volunteering last week, I had heard that the school’s Breakfast Program wasn’t going to be able to sustain itself until the end of the year.

Upon talking with the Principal and gaining his approval, i am set on embarking on getting some Publishers that would be willing to donate books to be raffled off, so that we can raise some money for the program. And, Hopefully inspire some kids with what they are reading or with what they want to read.

I am proposing this take place the week of May 4th to 7th, 2009, Which in our school board is “Education Week”.

So, This is my OFFICIAL Challenge!

I challenge all of the Publishers that frequent my blog, to donate some books for this worthwhile cause… Because we all know that nutrition is directly related to learning and if they don’t have the proper nutrition, then they won’t learn or want to learn as much as they can.

So, use the email on my profile here to get a hold of me, and let’s see what we can do to raise some money, and give great books away!

I have one publisher willing to give …what about YOU !

** EDIT**

This is what I had an idea for types of books…

The Twilight Series – Stephenie Meyer

Neil Gaiman Books – The Graveyard Gook , Coraline…

Any other ideas, send them on, My son who is 10, likes war based books, he currently reading My Passchendeale book !! (and has been since before christmas)

**UPDATE** I have TWO publishers that are donating, and one person C’MON!!!


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