Choke – Chuck Palahniuk

Just a warning – To all that may be offended by sexual content, then this book may not be for you.

Victor Mancini is a drop out from medical school, passing the days as a 18th century tour guide at one of those “Historic Re enactments”. And he is a sex addict.

Him and his friend Denny work there, and he is a sex addict as well. They usually attend Sexaholics Anonymous meetings together as well. Well, kinda.

Victor’s mother is in a nursing home, and is failing miserably. Not eating and never knowing that her son comes to visit, she thinks he is one of her attorneys that has defended her in numerous criminal offences. When Victor was a child, his mother would get arrested for doing the almost unimaginable – printing off fake coupons for the local diner she worked at and mailing them out to customers, coupons for a fur store with 50% off, and so forth. She went as far one time to “free” the animals in a zoo. All the while she gives Victor sage advice about the world and it’s inhabitants.

As the story progresses, working, relapsing several times a week and never finishing his 4th step (which is a fearless inventory of past wrongs and making apologies) He fakes a way choking at various restaurants and “recruits” patrons of the restaurants, which are unaware. They in turn, send him birthday cards and cash for whatever he would need. He then uses the money to pay for his mother’s hospital bills.

All in all I was laughing out loud, shocked and found the book quite a funny read. I have heard that some thought that it was along the same lines as “Fight Club”, but it has been such a long time since I watched the film that I think I would have to read the book to get a proper comparison.

Secondly, the movie version has just come out onto DVD, so, if you’re so inclined go and watch it too. It was pretty close to the book, but then again, you can’t take everything out of the book and make it into a movie…. right?

Random House

Chapters Indigo



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