Mission Accomplished: Stop The Clock – Muriel P. Engleman

With some controversy about self published books circling, I was at first a bit apprehensive as to review one. I think it is a hit or miss situation in my opinion. There are so many writers trying to get published by the “big” houses, and then after they exhaust those avenues, they turn to self publishing.

This is my first review for a “self-published” personal memoir.

Muriel had been born and raised in a Jewish home. In the midst of the depression, Muriel wasn’t so sure as to what to choose as her profession. Her mother, had always suspected that she would be a good nurse, after bringing home dogs and cats that had cuts and scrapes and bandage them up and take care of them.

So, after some soul searching, she did go to nursing school and graduate. Her first job – WWII as a surgical nurse. Taking care of the wounded and in the most terrible of conditions. Braving the seas going to England, France, and then Belgium, Bombings on a continual basis, she strived and “soldiered” on. Eventually getting back to the US, where she continued as a nurse.

Then she married “Mel” from whom she met while in war, had 2 children, and settled into life.

Throughout her story, you have this sense of a loving mother and wife, committed to helping people – being a matchmaker among other things. You can’t help but to agree and even chuckle at one of the many stories that she has to tell.

I started the book yesterday morning, while having my morning coffee, and did not put it down until it was finished at about 9-10pm. So, if that is any indication of how she writes and how engrossed you become in her story.. It must be a good read.

She does have quite a way of enticing you into her story and making you feel at home.

Now that she is an “octogenarian” she is living in Florida with Mel her husband of many decades, a grandmother, retired RN, and Veteran.

Muriel’s Website



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