Got Your Back – Jane Fallon

Apparently, this is Jane’s 2nd book after her first international bestseller “Getting Rid of Matthew”.

On the cover of the book it says: A Husband, A Wife, A Mistress – And An Ultimate Plan For Revenge.

As I turned the pages to be honest, it was a really intelligent, thought out,book.

Stephanie is married to James for the last 10 years, and have a lovely son Fin. One day however, Stephanie comes across a text on James’ cell phone that sounds a bit like a flirt. What Stephanie doesn’t know until later, is that her so called loving husband is living with another woman in a small village, where Stephanie and James have moved from. James is a vet, and still has his practice there part time and spends the other part of the week in London.

So, once Stephanie finds this out, and things start to happen – Katie his mistress and her put together a plan to make him pay, and pay he is going to. After a while, it is Katie that wants him to pay more then Stephanie.

Jane Fallon has this most intelligent way of taking you through this heart breaking situation, with thinking it will be messy and wondering what is going to come next. And, what comes next is something you would never begin to believe.

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